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What classes would you like to see in Maplestory?

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Hey guys! While we're all sitting around waiting for the servers to come back up.. I'd just like to hear about what you guys would like to see for new classes in Maplestory!
Thoughts and ideas? This could be a fun topic (:
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ScuXxMuji Level 201 Windia Bow Master
economics class
Jul 19 2013
oh...OH I know a Celestial Mage class. Basically you summon monsters that represent constellations like Cancer or Pisces.
Jul 19 2013
A soldier. With machine guns and grenades.
Jul 19 2013
johnhugh Level 205 Bera Bow Master
I'm sitting.
Jul 19 2013
deathprinny Level 166 Broa Shadower
Chain weapon-based class.
Jul 19 2013
MrDisgaea Level 115 Scania Aran 3 Avid Guild
More Nova classes. Kaiser and Angelic Buster isn't enough.
Jul 19 2013
KevinGoesMoo Level 107 Scania Hermit
Gunblade Class.
Jul 19 2013
TheForeigner Level 161 Broa Demon Slayer 4
Gundam Class.
Jul 19 2013
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