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What did you achieve on your Shade today?

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DjFunky Level 201 Scania Wind Archer 4 Reconcile Guild
T-Minus 0 Days

It's simple.
Post anything you consider progression for your Shade and that's it!
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zarisktz Level 165 Khaini Buccaneer
Haven't made one
Jun 29 2014
oBec Level 218 Scania Shade 4
Got my tyrant cape and boots to 9 stars. Disappointed I couldn't get 10

Also spent around a bil just buying random nx equips to make it look pretty
Jun 29 2014
PandaBears Level 200 Galicia Night Lord
I decided not to make one.
Jun 29 2014
buccneer20 Level 162 Kradia Paladin
Made 2 guilds in Cymk for shades charactors only anyone making a shade there pm me on basil if interested in joining. the guilds name are Virtuous and the 2nd one is called Shades.
Jun 29 2014
Enternal Level 154 Mardia Dark Knight
Jun 29 2014
flipboy180 Level 183 Broa Shade 4
Got shade secondary to unique. I've got to 5 star my cape and then 7 star all tyrants and cube everything to minimum 15% strength. Also have to scroll some gollux.
Jun 29 2014
KingCapital Level 113 Scania Aran 4
I just hope I get a character slot for it.
Jun 29 2014
Arion Level 187 Mardia Phantom 4
I decided I'm going to strip my TB and use its knuckle for my Shade because I'm too lazy to actually get it its own knuckle. I also got the Blue Love NX set for my Shade. Pretty much all I've accomplished so far. Besides saving a name like three months ago for it.
Jun 29 2014
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