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What did you achieve on your battle mage today?

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I see these threads all the time and decided to make on for battle mages since they are my new fav. class.

I got to lvl 38 and am LOVING drain. saves alot of pots and when chaos comes we'll be the best money saving class since our attacks will cost alot less mp.
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novomangle Level 181 Windia Phantom 4
Got from 129~131 and maxed Advance Dark aura! I l also found Ada20 at Vikings, so I gave it to my best friend and it passed!
(anyone know a good place to train at131?)
Feb 06 2011
you gave ada 20 to a friend for free? lucky friend.....

**EDIT:** Blue Wyverns are lvl 137 so if you can hit them id say they are good?
Feb 06 2011
I gained about 105%.
Would have been more if it wasn't for some F/P AM and his gassing of the entire map =.=
Feb 06 2011
GRATZ to hummy1000 and epikdeath! * gives them a cokkie*
Feb 06 2011
hit 99 ^-^ im too cool for 3 digits
Feb 06 2011
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