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What do I not max in 3rd job?

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syrupislate Level 114 Broa Night Walker 4
So a lot of people have told me to max the exceed attack in 3rd job, and leave shield dash charge thing unmaxed, however I think it makes more sense to max the shield charge thing instead, since I assume I will never use either of them in 4th job, but if anything, I would use shield charge more. So which one do I leave unmaxed. Also, should I get metro hair or unkempt hair on my DA? I;m very indecisive.
Posted: December 2014 Permalink


ajwright92 Level 210 Khaini Demon Avenger 4
Max Moonlight slash the better move till your execution in 4th job gets a bit stronger. Trust me you use shield charge a ton less. I'll speak for myself when I say I only use it joking around.
Dec 30 2014
WhoaMomma1 Level 41 Windia Assassin
Just max everything leave, Shield Charge on 19.. It's kinda useless because Nether Shield would replace it I guess
Dec 30 2014
LaoNinjaZ Level 187 Scania Demon Avenger 4
My 3rd job, I used Lunar Slash 100% of the time while training. I ended up putting sp into shield charge and never using it because it was all the sp left over after maxing every other move and I just got my 4th job.

After reading the move description, assuming you're totally unfunded, using shield charge that hits only 1 time is pointless because you will not 1 hit kill most monsters your level.
Jan 01 2015
FreeIcecream Level 211 KradiaEMS Dawn Warrior 4
Shield Charge is only used to rush mobs, its function isn't to do damage.
You're better off doing that little bit more damage on your Exceed move.
Jan 01 2015

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