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What does damage per line mean?

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AdvancedSoda Level 134 Broa Mechanic 1
I've always wanted to know what "damage per line' mean. I hear it being used a lot on basil and I wanted to know what the heck it means. I've been playing maple for a year, and there is still a ton of stuff that I don't know.... Thanks in advance for answering me!
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Say you hit 6 times. Out if those 6 hits, how much does one of those numbers deal. That's it.
May 14 2014
lets say for example NL for example: quad throw, throws 4 stars damage per line means the damage done per star, so each hit is considered a line of damage
idk if that made sence e.g if u hit 200k per star u are doing 200k damage per line
May 14 2014
FruityCake Level 141 Chaos Night Lord
One line of damage is one displayed number when you deal damage.
It's not necessarily accurate when you want to find your total damage, because different classes hit a different number of times, so the damage per line can vary.
May 14 2014
13bukedDP Level 84 Scania Hermit
Lets say if a girl weighs 200 pounds, why is she wearing leggings?
May 14 2014

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