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What exactly can be cubed for decent S.e. and H.b.?

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Back in 2011, any glove/pants that were 70+ could hit DSE and DHB as long as they were unique. Has it changed since then, or is this still the case?
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iCodykins Level 150 Zenith Night Walker 4
I'm pretty sure you're wrong, and that it hasn't changed. DSE has always been higher level gloves, I think 120, but I'm not positive. Not level 70 or higher.
Apr 16 2014
SE - 120 or higher lvl Gloves
HB - 70+ Pants/overalls[/quote]

Unique tier, or Legendary tier?
Apr 16 2014
Anthoy84 Level 196 Broa Zero Transcendent
@meowingsan I don't think overalls can have dHB, but you can put a dHB Nebulite into an overall.
@iBKyuuKyuuin Unique for both.
Apr 16 2014
Dupants Level 168 Galicia Phantom 4
DHB - lvl 70+ BOTTOMS ONLY unique pot+
DSE - lvl 120+ gloves unique pot+

Overalls stopped having HB a long time ago, but yes, they did used to have HB.
Apr 16 2014
topLEL Level 215 Bera Bow Master
Is DSI also on Lv120+ gloves?
Apr 16 2014

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