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What foreign languages did you take or are taking?

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iDrinkOJ Level 127 Windia Phantom 4
Did you like it? Do you still remember any? Do you regret taking it over another?
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Icycles Level 200 Broa F/P Arch Mage
Learning Japanese at school.
Speak English normally.
Speak Cantonese at home.
Understand Mandarin by ear.
May 07 2013
xreminiscing Level 200 Bera Bow Master
I went to Vietnamese school every Sunday when I was little and took three years of Vietnamese as my foreign language in high school (one of which was at the IB A1 level). It's my native language so I know it well. Looking back though, I probably should have taken Spanish as it's more widely spoken and is a rapidly growing language in the US. I'm currently self-learning Mandarin (traditional) and Spanish, but I've been getting sort of lazy..
May 07 2013
yumtoast154 Level 147 Broa Hermit
3 years of Chinese when I was a child, 4 if you count my grandmother tutoring me.
3.5 years of Spanish over the course of middle and high school.
3 years of Japanese during high school.

The thing is I've forgotten Spanish completely, I'm on the verge of forgetting how to talk in Cantonese, and I can't form Japanese sentences as quickly as I could a few years ago. At least I'm still literate in English.
May 07 2013
Thorontur Level 32 Bera Angelic Buster 2
Im currently taking French in HS and its pretty fun.
Kinda wish my teacher went over sentence structure and pronunciation rules and stuff like that but i guess she will teach that in higher levels of french.

But my sister took Japanese in HS and she forgot everything.
I think now she just uses it because she continued her Japanese courses into college and after this semester shes pretty much just done with it.
May 07 2013
Dorks Level 215 Bera Night Lord AUniversityO Guild See what games, anime & art Dorks is intoDorks
I took Mandarin in high school and hated the class. I'm Chinese so I have some sort of background (Canto) but since I do, the teacher expected way more and I basically couldn't ask anything from her. Her class was more miserable than actual Chinese school which I took for a summer. Also was in some bilingual program from K-4.
May 07 2013
lettucing Level 147 Bera Dark Knight
I took 4 years of German in high school. I think I only remember a little bit.
May 07 2013
NonSonoFronz Level 85 Kradia Demon Slayer 3
I took two years of Italian in high school, I absolutely hated it.
The language is great, but the teacher was downright awful. Now I think I'm going to have to take a couple semesters of Italian again in college.
May 07 2013
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