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What happened to the price of CRA? Been MIA for a while

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shadeace Level 200 Scania Shade 4
This is totally not a extender
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mudkippiratez Level 240 Scania Angelic Buster 4 See what games, anime & art mudkippiratez is intoMudkipPiratez
+1 Equips themselves do not drop anymore.
Medals drop as a USE item that you trade in to get equips now.
5 for armor, 15 for weapon and like 4-8ish medals per run I believe??
Also they seem to be glitched and not all medals are instanced atm, weird.
Jun 30 2016
shadeace Level 200 Scania Shade 4
Thanks for the info
Jun 30 2016

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