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What have I done to deserve such luck??

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krazykid132 Level 1 Windia Aran 4 See what games, anime & art krazykid132 is intoKrazyKid132
I can't believe it. As we all know miracle time happened. Sadly I had no cubes during this and all I had was a measly 1,200 reward points enough for a single red cube. Hoping I could by some miracle I could take advantage of this event with this single red cube I ran to a shop to buy a Fafnir weapon for a hero I've been working on. I bought and went to my lucky spot, Ludi. Once I reached Ludi I closed my eyes and used the cube. As I slowly opened my eyes I and looked at my weapon to see the beautiful green text in all its glory.
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pokiitia Level 250 Bera Phantom 4
+6 is this a reverse ukkking
May 07 2016
carbyken Level 170 Windia Night Walker 4
I'm about to be pukkking everywhere from all this ukkking shenanigans around! (Be the only time you'll EVER see me say that.)

But seriously congrats! I wasn't as lucky, but I did get a 7% str for my Fafnir 2h at least. So it wasn't a complete loss! ^_^
May 08 2016
cheeesecakes Level 230 Scania Corsair
May 08 2016
darkjonic Level 212 Scania Bishop See what games, anime & art darkjonic is intoDarkJonic
I had terrible luck with only one black cube and one red cube. Lol, I didn't have enough maple reward points for more. Maybe next time i might feel lucky getting at least one item to legendary after 4 years of trying.
May 08 2016
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