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What have you accomplished today, I/L Mages?

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Liralei Level 106 Broa Wind Archer 3
I/L mages, share with us what you've done today-- wins, fails, levels, deaths, items, or anything at all!

Please post the date at the top of your entry, like the following (unfortunately true) post:


I got an Immortal Pharaoh Belt on my 2nd pyramid PQ today. WIN.
then I exploded it with a 90% potential. FAIL.

Repost of the now-gone I/L Daily Accomplishment Thread originally by @ZapDoom . Thanks for starting us out!
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aznoo Level 237 Scania Aran 4
My IL got glitched today from the rb stuff and everytime i pick a chan it says "Already logged in". What an accomplishment!

Been waiting for about 12 hrs and counting
Nov 12 2010
iDropPanties Level 173 Khaini Blade Recruit

Lost 6% str earrings due to rollback, was ticked for about 15 minutes until I decided to gach.
Got specs and sold for 750m.

Also a cute sand bunny chair I think its time to get to upgrading.
Nov 12 2010
Still trying to decide f/p or i/l and I got some nice nx with the 15k mp
Nov 12 2010
Attempting to remake my Arch Mage in Bellocan. Got rolledback to 25, but I gach'd some stuff with my Maple Points. Hopefully I can sell something for a few mesos.
Nov 12 2010

Merchanting my funds back and i refuse to level till i know it safe from nexons terror.
Nov 12 2010
Liquos Level 131 Windia Luminous 4
I levelled four times (66 - 70), got an elemental wand 4 thanks to an awesome friend, and managed to watch a full season of Simpsons and 4 episodes of mythbusters while doing an all-day grind at MP3 (it got to the point where I muscle-memorized how to move on MP3 and only looked up from the videos every 10 seconds to check my health and MP).

Today was a good day.
Nov 12 2010
limplict Level 48 Khaini Mercedes 2
Sad to see our biggest thread gone. Bleh.


Logged on, was attacked by a d/c hacker. Oh well. >_>
Nov 12 2010
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