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What have you achieve on your Hayato today?

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Welcome to "What have you achieved on your Hayato today?" thread. This achievement thread will be different to all the other generic one. I will be constantly update it with community highlights, FAQ's etc.

We have received lots of screenshots and to prevent the thread from becoming too long, only more recent screenshots are shown here. All other screenshots will be shown here for your viewing pleasure. Please "Like" the page. Thanks.

What have you achieved?

What have you people achieved on your Hayato thus far? Please send videos of you playing your Hayato or even screenshots if possible.

Community Highlights

@abilas26 training link mules. Started Hayato on a totally different account so I have to start fresh ;-; Got demon Avenger and Xenon to 70. Starting on Phantom.


General Screenshots

@Synth [url=]Achieving Level 180 on his Hayato thus far[/url]
@Optics [url=]Showing off his new range and another lucky person to get the Level 150 Katana[/url]
@ShiKage08 [url=]Showing his Empress Katana (JMS version)[/url]
@kidd978 [url=]Lucky person to get the Level 150 Katana from Hot Time[/url]
@vMinn [url=]Did the quest to get Hero's Gladius[/url]
@JetlagJag [url=]Level 150 Katana[/url]
@Akaizer [url=]Ranked 2nd in exp gain for the day[/url]
@spasticdude [url=]Showing his Empress Katana[/url]

Damage Range Screenshots

@kidd978 [url=]Level 142, 65k range (Attack potions and self buffs)[/url]
@MapleBhav [url=]Level 166, 82k range (Clean)[/url]
@tecul1 [url=]Level 167, 72k range (Self buff and decent skills)[/url]
@Optics [url=]Level 168, 178k range (Attack potions and self buffs)[/url]
@Apple1337 [url=]Level 171, 47k range (Clean)[/url]
@Akaizer [url=]Level 210, 263k range (Inner abilities hidden)[/url]
@Akaizer [url=]Level 211, 315k range (Inner Abilities)[/url]

- Attack Potions = Use of potions that increases damage such as a Warrior Elixir
- Buffs Missing/Hidden = Buffs are either cropped/whited out or blocked by tabs
- Clean = Character true range is shown
- Decent Skills = Use of decent skills (eg: Advanced Bless)
- Inner Abilities hidden = Inner Abilities buffs are hidden
- Other Maplers Buffs = Use of buffs from other players/characters
- Pet Buffs = Use of pet buffs that gives additional damage
- Self Buffs = Use of own character buffs
- Unfair Buffs/Potions = The player is using buffs that increases their damage range to a very high artificial figure that doesn't really reflect the correct range (eg: Terms and Conditions and Onyx Apple)


@xannyxan [url=]Level 142 Hayato vs Papulatus[/url]
@Akaizer [url=]Hayato bosses run[/url]
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Kazno Level 203 Bera Kaiser 4
"4. **What weapon does Mihile use?** Katana."

EDIT: Nvm he fixed it
Mar 13 2013
qwedsa87 Level 190 Windia Mercedes 4
Level 42, need to sleep since I have two tests tomorrow and both are summative.
Mar 13 2013
Micahmer Level 174 Renegades Blaze Wizard 4
Didnt know Mihile used a Katana...i've been playing wrong this entire time it would seem
Mar 13 2013
link skill mule almost complete [/quote]

that was quick, I suggest you level it to at least Lvl 100. Min critical damage +6% is pretty neat for a character card. +8% if Lvl 200 but thats out of the question for ordinary players in the short term
Mar 13 2013
Got him to 30 gonna sleep now
Mar 13 2013
Got to 40.. Then realized since I don't have 2x I might as well sleep and train when I get home later today..
Mar 13 2013
70 so far, but I think I will continue to level this guy. He's fun.
Mar 13 2013
Got to 37 rbs and solod CHT like 100 times :l.. oh wait. you meant in gms? lol nothing.
Mar 13 2013
Kentacle Level 233 Bera Night Walker 4
@bubblecup118: got to level 70, too lazy to get to 100 :S
Mar 13 2013
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