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What have you achieved on Maplestory today?

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NotMyGear Level 166 Bera Shade 4
Hehe, because making one on each job branch is too mainstream .
So what have you achieved on Maplestory today?

Today, I hit level 143 on my dawn warrior. DIPQ is a pain .
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sofy Level 200 Bera Bow Master
Banned too
Sep 15 2013
Jesseh Level 201 Windia Zero Transcendent
Got banned.
Sep 15 2013
SuperW1 Level 147 Khaini Buccaneer
Decided to YOLO scroll my perfected empress knuckle (90% chance AEE).

Sep 15 2013
Played maple logged off to go on basil to see ban threads. Freaked out, logged back in, and emptied my store since I'm not taking the risk even though I've been selling items perfectly fine without issues the past few days.
Sep 15 2013
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