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What i think happened to the community

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Giegue Level 140 KradiaEMS Kaiser 4
I think I know why nobody talks now...
It's because level 200 and the end game is now possible to achieve...
Just think back to the time when Fangblade reached 200 on his character, Back in 2008 that took over a year of solid grinding, Which is why nobody bothered with it!
Everybody just kinda hanged around and well... Talked! Since that was the best way to get enjoyment out of the game.
Sure he got a lot of adoration for it (Even his own NPC) but it was less inspiration for others and more of a talking point in the maple community.
When I played maple quite some years ago, All I did was focusing on levelling and I hated it! I made it as far as level 20 on a warrior and quit the game due to how tediously slow it was as I completely ignored the point of the game back then.

Then things began to change, As the game was slowly patched and updated with more equipment for higher levels and more areas to level in, It became gradually easier to level and with the addition of Zakum early in combined with this, Suddenly damage and levels was actually important as Zakum was the end game.
Not only that but we also got Aran (And to a lesser extent the cygnus knights). In this case levelling was also important now as you needed to do so to experience the rest of this new characters story.

Then Big bang happened, The turning point of the game.
In big bang, The experience curve was flattened out significantly and the maps and accuracy formulas were also changed to make levelling easier.
And from then on we got even more classes such as the 3 resistance classes, Each with unique story's that you needed to reach a certain level to reach the conclusion of.
Moving us forward to today when we're up to about 34 different classes, With even the explorers having their own story line now thanks to the RED update.

Now nobody really talks any more because it gets in the way of levelling, As it's now pretty much reach the end of your characters story arc and experience the epic battle against "Insert new boss".
And that's fine if you want to play Maple as a single player RPG with a storyline and levelling and an end boss, But that's not was Maple was about...

(Btw please let me know if I messed up any information in here).
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thallforms Level 201 Kradia Shade 4
Jul 24 2014
SmashFace Level 191 Khaini Demon Slayer 4
First of all you're about what? 3,4 years late?

Second of all, people still do talk. I've noticed that the ones that complain are people that don't try to talk at all. It's like complaining that your friends never hang out with you, except you don't call them to see whats happening. I can walk to any PQ or town and find people and have a conversation with them.

It's not the community, it's your perception of the community from watching too many Youtube videos of strong people.
Jul 24 2014
Chrisonmale Level 224 Scania Night Lord

TL;DR in Old Maple people talk, in new just train

and that's why you have guilds, were you chat even when training, atleast i do, i'm not going to traing for like 4 hours without talking to anyone, ofc sometimes i might be chatting with irl friends while playing
Jul 24 2014
Business Level 137 Broa Cannoneer 4
People still talk. I know there are some who just say nothing, but half of the people still talks back when you start chatting during PQ's.
Also, pre-bb there where also people who never talked. Its not like pre-bb maple was a heaven where everyone was happy and friendly.
Jul 24 2014
Ouhai Level 200 Broa F/P Arch Mage
Try joining or making active guilds and guild alliances. Conversations never end even if you're not involved
Jul 24 2014
Senopai Level 152 Galicia Phantom 4 See what games, anime & art Senopai is intoSenopai
I've played this game for about as much as you (I started in 05-06) and the community may be a bit different ( but not entirely, there were lots of mean people who thought they were better than others ) , but you can't expect to make friends if you don't make the effort, I recently came back from a 6-7 month break and came back for Shade, I had no friends whatsoever but I talked to people and happen to get really good friends, so... yeah.
Jul 24 2014
Just2Fancy Level 200 Bera Evan 10th Growth See what games, anime & art Just2Fancy is intoJust2Fancy
I have played this game on and off since the very beginning and at first I was upset that they raised the level cap because well 200 took me long enough to get. I chose what in my opinion was the hardest class to do it on back then (evan) and when i finally got it i was overjoyed. But their are some people that just love leveling and grinding and when you hit that old 200 cap you cant grind anymore until now. For me grinding is no fun but i can understand why they did it. The community is all about just finding good friend and people 2 play with
Jul 24 2014
When my guild was active..we just trained and talked on skype. Typing wastes training time.
Jul 24 2014

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