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What if maple implemented smash bros mechanics

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sorethroat Level 54 Elnido I/L Wizard
Like having short hop n fast fall to name a few
(SKIL)L canceling seems like a stretch but I remember when corsairs used mount to cancel the slow skill animations so it isn't that unreasonable
Seems easy enough to code and doesn't really interfere with the core mechanics of this game too
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Bara Level 157 Reboot Dark Knight
would be cool if they call it, "Project MS"

reference : Project M. Smash. Y'know.
Nov 28 2014
roy5577 Level 172 Broa Mercedes 4 Recognition Guild
I mean, this little company managed to pull [url=]this[/url] off, why can't Nexon...
Nov 29 2014
Avatar Level 32 Windia Mercedes 1
If the monsters had AI then maybe it would be interesting, otherwise I'll just play as I always have.
Nov 29 2014
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