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What is Warren Buffet039s motivation?

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That man is 86. At best he has 10 years to live. So why does he even want more money? What can he possibly do with a few billion dollars more that he can't do with his 76 billion net worth?

None of his money is going to matter to him in 10 years. Yet he is still very active in the investment scene.

Is he doing it so that he can leave a legacy? Or make his family as powerful as possible in his life time?
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Why do people even do things?

(Side-note: Given the way he's raised his children under fairly frugal circumstances, as someone who is less extravagant with his money than many other billionaires, plus his pledges to give his money away to charity if that should even be believed, makes the latter scenario of family less likely to be the case.)
Mar 15 2017

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