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What is going on?

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Forbeden Level 202 Scania Mercedes 4
I haven't logged into maple in like 3 days, and a few minutes ago i logged in.
but thats when i realized im not in a guild anymore, and there was no note, so i know i didnt get kicked.
also, when i opened my buddy tab, i have 0/100 friends (loner</3) when i originally had like 92/100
everything is really laggy as well

Posted: January 2014 Permalink

What is going on?

35%6 / 17Its da lag
5%1 / 17happening to me too duh, its nexon, what do you expect
5%1 / 17nexon doesnt like you, so he deleted errthing
52%9 / 17potato


chathur Level 160 Scania Blade Master
It happend for me too.It goes back to normal after 10mins
Jan 17 2014
Rezoina Level 116 Scania Hayato 4 Harbor Guild
Yeah I got the same thing. I QQ'd a little because I had over 70k GP on my guild of just countless hours of afk'ing and we were like 20k away from being level 4...
Jan 17 2014

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