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What is the Best Job in terms of

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There probably is tons out there, but i can't find them. So i'm here to ask you which job is the best for:

Easiest to Fund:

Posted: October 2012 Permalink


gandalfail Level 164 Scania Wild Hunter 4
@AngelOfLuvee: Please, stop this nonsense

OT: >Mobbing: Demon Slayer, I think
>Training: Not sure exactly what you mean here. Speed?
>Bossing: Corsairs are pretty good but are crap in survivability, Buccs are good too I heard
>Flashiness: I'd say Mercedes? I don't know, it's your opinion
>Easiest to Fund: How can one class be easier to fund than another?
Oct 09 2012
Beesafree Level 200 Mardia Corsair
what i would say:

>Mobbing: sair definitely reins superior in the explorer world, mech has good standing too.... I/l is up there
>Training: kinda the same as mobbing? i mean technically the best class at training would be Bishop, or phantom by extension
>Bossing: Merc does well, and has potentially the best DPS... not really the person to be answering this q
>Flashyness: Merc, definitely, i dont like em, but i'll admit their moves leave me in awe
>Easiest to Fund: Aran, highest dps for least amount of mesos, reaches cap fairly quickly
Oct 09 2012
2blades1pie Level 158 Windia Blade Master

>Mobbing: Aran/Evan
>Training: Demon Slayer
>Bossing: Mercedes/DB/Phantom
>Flashyness: Um... Demon Slayer
>Easiest to Fund: I lol'd.
Oct 09 2012

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