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What is the most expensive item YOU have

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jsbk02 Level 146 Galicia Evan 9th Growth

Title says all!

I'll start. Well the most expensive item I currently have is the Angelic Blessing Ring. Don't judge me.

Your turn!

Basilers that made my eyes pop!

@kashi741, @BassTones, @Mast3rManZ, @iDerpFish, @strongchakra,
@Kalemora, @SerratedSickle, @hahaudied, @Auction, @Yodoodles, @zilox24,
@itsme1331, @PandaIsBoss, @124e786, @superomosh, @heroxx20,
@oprahxwinnfrey, @magician5598, @AnimeKid2597, @SenorRaptor, @NiceRush,
@codytoad1, @emielboeren, @BowmanChris, @AwakenedSoul, @CoKePeKsl,
@kissthisbaby, @zwalkerx, @freddyfish, @windgod28, @synchrouno, @Negi31,
@ImKafei, @Vlammetjuh, @Parrarky, @liuiam13, @garfield211, @ikillerbarney,
@chaunhutcuon, @nickypwnzu, @Nixery, @PumPumXD, @darkhshadow, @lnsanebandit,
@speedyguy04, @Azra, @ihavobama, @Camah, @origami904, @lunarfoxy2,
@bloodsins, @Entrepreneur, @aznaran, @boxhead, @Theninja2777, @currified
@xVillainous, @Crimsonpichu, @Alxon99, @VodkaAndGin, @RoyalOrigin, @SealedEye,
@separatists, @gomanarchard, @byao12310, @meteorleg, @dragon3838,
@zjanthonyjz, @Mawer and @paulxleex.

Too many rich people...


- v 0.1 - Wow guys! I can't believe this thread is still alive! Keep it up guys!
- v 0.2 - I have added the people that poped my eyes on their items.
- v 0.3 - Sorry I have to stop writing more Basilers that Pop my eyes. This is a wall of text already...
- v 0.4 - Minor update. Organized the basilers' name.
- v 0.5 - Put a little makeup on my thread!
- v 0.6 - Just highlighted the character's name.
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MzAlpha Level 184 Scania Phantom 4
105 atk dragon revolver ?
Aug 29 2011
My hat.
-120m mesos.[/quote]

xD I know how you feel.

Btw ur blog is pretty cool. Are you Korean or are you just that well associated with the game to understand KMS...? i'm curious
Aug 29 2011
kashi741 Level 105 Windia Chief Bandit
126 att 17 str Maple Pyrope Sword, 20%'d twice Gm'd 5 times
Aug 29 2011
probably my evo ring 17 (the 1st one)
Aug 29 2011
Evolving Ring I Lvl 17
Aug 29 2011
my claw 3mill D:
Aug 29 2011
Higguz Level 154 Galicia Battle Mage 4
85atk claw
Aug 29 2011
Anson123 Level 191 Broa Blade Master
My Scarlion Helm.
Aug 29 2011
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