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What is the point of Vitality Siphon?

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carbyken Level 170 Windia Night Walker 4
Kinda like how I couldn't see the use for Heaven's Hammer; actually that skill HAS use. This I just can't see any reason, even with the hyper passives. Maybe the 10 second duration is what annoys me.

Perhaps someone can enlighten me?
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tavengen Level 152 Bellocan Night Walker 4
I agree it's kind of a joke. In one of the guides I read it said "so you can replenish your hp without using HP potions". It doesn't refill health at any rate to affect my potion usage at all. I'm curious too, maybe at higher levels and with the passives it actually refills it decently?
May 21 2016
carbyken Level 170 Windia Night Walker 4
@tavengen: Passives don't do anything to affect it's recovery sadly. Just giving 300+ more hp per stack (Totaling 700), 100 defense, and 2% for Resistance (Totaling 20%). Still having only 10 seconds AND having to constantly attack isn't going to work. Some bosses either get too high in the air, have Reflect, or just have awkward patterns that isn't easy to hit constantly.

Really according to Ayumilove's guide it just recommends putting 2 points into Dark Omen, which is actually useful.

I guess you can say this skill is unique for being a passive with extra hyper passives...? Actually never mind, it's not even good passives like I said!
May 22 2016
peachtime Level 215 Bera White Knight
I like how it is now. NW is already somewhat tanky for a high DPS class, so giving them high sustain would make their kit considerably broken. Actually, it forces you to be more dexterous since a lot of people were abusing the pre-nerf HP recovery to tank things they shouldn't be tanking in the first place.

Now if only Nexon gave DB the same treatment...
May 22 2016
hualicious Level 209 Scania Night Lord See what games, anime & art hualicious is intoHualicious
@carbyken: @tavengen: NW used to have a chance to recover HP when attacking but that feature got removed from a skill. Although Vitality Siphon isn't that great, neither is Dark Omen. Vitality Siphon is not reliable like you said already for the reasons you said. However you could keep it up easily as long the boss doesn't cast Damage Reflection. It's nice against Abnormal Status too.

However there is another reason why it could be bad. And that is when you fight bosses that deal %dmg to your HP. For example if a Boss deals 90% dmg to your HP and your HP was full then you won't die. But if Vitality Siphon increased your Max HP, it means your HP won't be full anymore and current NW doesn't recover HP anymore so you gotta use a potion. But if you do get hit by the same skill the boss used you will die if the HP is not full.

@peachtime DB's HP recovery was never great, it was never reliable to begin with. It's a joke compared to NW's (pre-nerf) and Dark Knight's HP Recovery. On a DB you can't rely on HP Recovery but on it's dodges. But on NW (pre-nerf) or Drks you can easily.
May 22 2016
carbyken Level 170 Windia Night Walker 4
@hualicious: Actually the bats do recover 1% of your max Hp per hit. Although the damage a lot of bosses can do made it mostly moot. Dark Omen personally has more use for me, but the glaring issue overall is most of Night's skills have issues with slopes and curves in varies maps. They're definitely more designed for flat maps save for bats and Dominion.

I always find that design archaic. Having an enemy do a % as appose to just hitting hard is a cheap way of difficulty. *Glares at 1/1 and Mp eater spamming*, but that's a different discussion however.
May 22 2016
hualicious Level 209 Scania Night Lord See what games, anime & art hualicious is intoHualicious
@carbyken: Ah ok, I haven't played my NW much, when I was on it, I think from time to time it did indeed recover some HP but often it did not. It used to recover fast. Yea it's true their skills are designed for flat maps...their binding skill is also one of them. It's not bad but can't really be used in maps with multiple platforms (example: Horntail with its bodyparts)
May 22 2016
carbyken Level 170 Windia Night Walker 4
Initially it was 5% based on the damage the bats did on enemies, which admittedly was ridiculous. On a slight tangent it makes me feel Nights and Blaze were halve... donkey(ed) considering how their skills are set up.

Nights only having an advantage with flat areas or platforms close proximity to each other, and Blaze's Orbitals having a VERY tiny hitbox! *Glares at most bosses that like to jump in the air... and Horntail.*

Sorry didn't mean to get mildly off topic there.
May 22 2016

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