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What is your keyboard setup?

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AmyTheDino Level 51 Windia Mechanic 2
Do not tell me all the little details. Just describe what buttons your attacks are (EX: the bottom row of letters), what buttons your potions are, and a random change you made to it.

I use the insert, delete, home, page up, page down, and end for my attacks.
I use "T" for HP potions, and "Y" for MP potions
I pretty much leave the rest to default.
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attack on: A, X, D
Buffs: C,V,f,b
Pots: 8,9, U, Ins, Del
then defalt
Oct 23 2012
X is teleport, Ctrl is paralyze, V is mist, C is explosion, and Shift is ginger ales. Buffs are in macros, on the number keys. Pretty much all I use.
Oct 23 2012
sathu7 Level 210 Reboot Blade Master
z jump x main skill, buffs on fgh, d for secondary skill, 1 for hp, 2 for mp
Oct 23 2012
arkrana Level 200 Windia Shadower
[url=]Everyone thinks my set-up is weird.[/url]
Oct 23 2012
UNfazed Level 196 Reboot Night Lord
On my bishop
angel ray: A
teleport: X
jump: Alt
ctrl: Power elixirs or Shining ray (in boss runs i needed a nearby key to spam so I wouldn't die)
Magic guard: R. back when magic guard was dispellable
buffs, genesis, pots: quickslot
Yeah its not a typical key arrangement.
Oct 23 2012
For my aran, attack is on square. Boost is on O. Jump is on X. HP pot is on select. MP pot is on start. Buff macros are on L, R, triangle. Playing with a ps3 control with megaman buttons .
Oct 23 2012
Heatfire111 Level 177 Bera Luminous 4
Battle Mage i have ctrl as body boost, shift for Finishing Blow, Z is chains, ";" is reaper buff, ' is auras, Home is Tele mastery, pgup is buffs, pgdn is dark lightning, ~ is Twister spin, K is dark gene, J is party shield, Space is tele and T is npc talk, normal attack is D. Insert is HP items Delete is MP items. End is The Finisher.
Dark Knight isn't as complex, Shift is Dark Impale, Z is rush, D is monster magnet, ~ is sacrafice, Home is Roar, Pgup is Buffs, Pgdn is buffs and End is another set of buffs, space is slipstream. ctrl is still attack. pots on insert and Magic Crash is on Delete.
Bunch of other keys removed/ re-arranged but these are the ones most notable. also the S/K tabs were moved to A/S respectively.
Oct 23 2012
rushiosan Level 206 Khaini Night Lord
N - jump
M - main single-target skill
B - loot
V - mobility skill (rocket jump, flash jump etc)
G - ultimate skill
C - attack buffs (like dark harmony)
J - Maple Warrior

0- Hero's Will

ctrl - main mobbing skill
shift - monster push skill or charging attacks (Wind Talisman, Drill, Corkscrew Punch etc)

del - summon / DoT skill (flare star, anchor, bots and tots etc)
end - passive buff (haste, monkey magic etc)
page down - booster

insert, home - HP and MP potions
page up - assist skill or summons (like shadow partner, monkey militia, satellites, mirror image etc)
Oct 23 2012
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