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What to do with 20k nx?

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goatman0079 Level 152 Arcania Night Walker 4
I just got 20k nx as a gift, and have no idea as to how to turn that into to mesos. Advice on what to do with said nx would be much appreciated.
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Ipoopster Level 10 Kradia
meso bags if you want to turn it into mesos.
Jan 03 2014
meso bags if you want to turn it into mesos.[/quote]
yes do this. it is very good easy quick meso
Jan 03 2014
meso bags if you want to turn it into mesos.[/quote]
meso bags are the best make sure you buy the bronze ones
Jan 03 2014
Skaia Level 201 Scania Demon Avenger 4
listen to my brothers, their words are truth
Jan 03 2014
DragonBandit Level 131 Khaini Hero
Meso bags is the absolute worst way to turn it into mesos. Selling it will give you 10-20x more meso than you will earn from those bags.
On that note you can cube an item and hope you get lucky. Buy one of those premium nx boxes. Or realize nx is a waste of money and not buy it anymore lol.
Jan 03 2014
lilpyro991 Level 205 Bera Wild Hunter 4
Lol, I wouldn't take advice from gray character blobs.

On topic, sell it for mesos at whatever rate it is in Khaini, or go with premium/surprise style boxes.
Jan 03 2014
gospel95 Level 141 Broa Shadower
turn it into real life money as well as your whole account and leave this game while you can

otherwise, sell it at your world's meso:nx rate
Jan 03 2014
sweetmaple Level 203 Khaini Marksman
ill buy all your nx
Jan 03 2014

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