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rnjsandrew Level 126 Broa Wind Archer 4
With all these events going around. I waswondering whether I should perfect the level 99 Maple bow or a necro bow. What do you think? I lost all of my funds after getting hacked so I literally don't have any money to work with other than the free stuff from events. That ks!
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Don't bother with either. Just save up whatever scrolls and stuff you want to use on them and hang on to them for a better weapon. Don't perfect anything that isn't Falcon Wing, Jap 150, or Fafnir
Jun 28 2013
xkillo32 Level 166 Windia Blade Master
i just put 6 40%s on a lvl 99 weapon
all of them worked lol
then i put a pinnacle scroll on it hoping it will blow up
it worked too
so it's not that hard if u get lucky
Jun 28 2013
MapleAddict206 Level 201 Khaini Phantom 4
Don't bother with either. Just save up whatever scrolls and stuff you want to use on them and hang on to them for a better weapon. Don't perfect anything that isn't Falcon Wing, Jap 150, or Fafnir[/quote]

What about loveless?
Jun 29 2013
Economy Level 155 Windia Marksman
What about loveless?[/quote]

Imo it goes
1. Fafnir
2. Empress
3. Loveless
4. Don't do anything else.

Emp is above loveless even though loveless has more attack because the set effect is more than enough makes up for the lack of 10-20 weapon attack on the weapon.
Jun 29 2013
Honestly, I wouldn't perfect a Loveless. While it is certainly a good weapon, empress gear is becoming so common and readily available, the empress set is just that much better to invest in. Empress may not be the optimized end game gear but Loveless just doesn't cut it in comparison.
Jun 29 2013
darklord666 Level 220 Khaini Wild Hunter 4
Seeing as how you are low on funds, it is unrealistic to go with trying to perfect something as expensive as a Fafnir, Jap or Tyrant equip. I would set goals for those equips in the near future when you can afford it as they really will be expensive, more than many seem to comprehend. Empress equips are also becoming expensive now due to Empress being glitched and equips being scarce while few people hoarding them before the patch have inflated them.

Even if it means perfecting something like a necro, nisrock, timeless or reverse equip, that will depend overall on how far you want to bring yourself into the games competitive nature. Those who decide to train later on after 200 however will need more expensive equipment JUST to kill things in new Twilight Perion maps. Perfected equips like a nisrock/neschere are temporary until you can gain a foothold on the crappy economy we have now (once perfected, sell equip to upgrade).

Unfortunately due to the latest patch many of us, myself included are trying to convert to highest stats possible to even attempt bossing and funding is a major issue for this. Not all of us can afford things now; People are stupidly inflating some equips to the new max meso cap (10B I believe) based on anything but the stats. A pair of Half Earrings I saw in FM, for example was 10B and only had 15% INT... I don't think it should go any more than 3B or 4B. Its a free market but reasonable pricing should be taken a little more seriously for those who cannot afford things.


I guess my point of these explanations is that funding yourself has become progressively harder after so many of these updates, especially the current one. Sometimes sticking with the simplest and most accessible equips may be your best option for now, regardless how it may affect others. Fend for yourself and come to a conclusion that benefits you most and think through how you will plan to perfect your equips.
Jun 29 2013
rnjsandrew Level 126 Broa Wind Archer 4
Thanks for the answers. They've been really helpful. Ideally, I wanted a bow that was still tradeable after equipping. And because the Unleashed scrolls only last 90 days after purchase, I don't think I'll get enough money eyes to get any of the higher end bows. I'll probably end up hammering and perfecting the 99 maple bow until the Wind Archer update. Oh and can someone explain how to sell NX. I'm thinking of buying the code but I don't know how to sell it/who to sell it to. Thanks.
Jun 29 2013

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