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What world should i play in?

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ChoChoSan Level 70 Chaos Hayato 3
Hey guys, I know there are tons of threads on this already, but I would like some personal, what world should i play in? So far, I'm looking at Windia, Khaini, Bera, and then other. XD I cant release a poll so please state your answers below with as little bias as possible XD and I will tally them XD thanks guys!
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mush727 Level 101 Khaini Dark Knight
Khaini because we need more people XD.
Sep 29 2013
renegades they got a healthy population and really nice ppl
Sep 29 2013
Come to broaa[/quote]

You should come to Khaini.

R> All Broans to Khaini.

Actually doesn't matter. I smell a merge sometime in the future
Sep 29 2013
ballsface Level 75 Scania Aran 3
Come to Scania. Larger range and cheaper items, plus you actually see other players.
Sep 29 2013
Pliskin Level 212 Yellonde Blade Master
i heard bera is nice
Sep 29 2013
yomamalikesu Level 105 Bera Blade Lord
I play in scania and i HATE it. The economy in bera is better, but i cant swich a level 170 and level 100 it's too late for me.
Sep 29 2013
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