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Whats Your Highest Loss Ever Merching?

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CaptCandy Level 200 Bera Phantom 4
I lost 110b last year when my stuff deflated from spring going into fall, wiping out my 110b gains the previous 5 months.
My second greatest losses are the cumulative deletion of duped/exploited items in 2012, about 80b total.

Then I probably underpriced items by about 10b, for a cumulative loss of 200b
I could have built a balloon to send to space (actually, only 20 nautical miles), or built a rail gun my anime and physics club designed and lacked funds on
Or I could have filled my closet with a decent collection of nendroids, Visual Novels, cosplays, and other anime goods

Now share your stories so we don't fall for the same traps
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I sold Mint Snow Cap for 100 mil
Learned a lesson, check price before you sell/buy it...
Jan 07 2014
ZzXxskyxXzZ Level 205 Broa Night Lord
Biggest loss from merching?
Probably 1b from deflation.
Edit: My chairs were worth over 10b before. Now I can probably only get 2-3b for all of them.

Biggest loss in general?
Joining MapleStory.

Hellhole you can't get out of.
Jan 07 2014
rushiosan Level 206 Khaini Night Lord
I lost 1 meso.

I wonder why anyone wastes time to post that.
Jan 07 2014
mrspike188 Level 200 Khaini Blade Master
Lost over 5b worth from the chair deflation
Jan 07 2014
halfway Level 52 Khaini Hunter
Probably 5b for negligence. Set up a mushy and ended up not logging on for 2 weeks over christmas break so stuff got sent to the scrooge npc where it expired and was deleted lol
Jan 07 2014
halfway Level 52 Khaini Hunter
I wonder why anyone wastes time to post that.[/quote]

You have to do anything for the e-fame.
Jan 07 2014
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