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Whats a good training guide?

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LongCrayon Level 108 Windia Ranger
I wanna know whats the current good useful training guide.. I've been gone from Maplestory for a while so Idk the new changes that had occured and what had happened.
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anthony38640 Level 200 Bera Blade Master
15-30 Rotten Skeles (NLC)
30-40 Mushroom Kingdom
40-50 Scarecrows (NLC)
50-70 Jesters (NLC)
70-110 Aliens (NLC)
110-165 LHC
165-179 Stronghold
179-200 HoH
Dec 01 2012
BadgerDontCare Level 200 Broa Phantom 4
1-10 job quests
11-30 Skeleons in Haunted Mansion
31-50 CD's in Kerning City Mall
51-70 Scarecrows in Haunted Mansion
71-89 Twisted Jesters in Haunted Mansion
90-109 Aliens in NLC
110-170 LHC
170-200 SH/bossing

Dec 01 2012
same as the above only 70-80 i'd do mp3, and than aliens at 80, even 85
Dec 01 2012

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