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Whats the best mobbing class?

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I want to know the best mobbing class that is strong, and lightweight funded!
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mac9090 Level 79 Khaini Ranger
It's clearly any mage I mean they can hit practically a whole map at once... (except evan)
Jun 07 2010
fr0zenzap Level 190 Khaini Dark Knight
any warrior, if you dont like common classes make a bw page, that's what i did
Jun 07 2010
It's clearly any mage I mean they can hit practically a whole map at once... (except evan)[/quote]
Im pretty sure Evans can with that dark fog move or wahtever
Jun 07 2010
Warriors & Brawlers/TB, since they get 1st Job mob attacks, BW, WA, Xbow, I/L if you don't care about 1st job mobs, can't think of anything else.
Jun 07 2010
ixNinjaii Level 169 Broa Blade Master
Fighters/Crusaders are HORRIBLE at mobbing, I for one having a 102 sader. Aran's hands down are the ultimate mobbing class.
OT: Besides Aran's, I think Buccs are decent at mobbing. But that's just me.
Jun 07 2010
aran still. suck it up, it is the cheapest, strongest mobber by far
Jun 07 2010
aran then evan? or blaze wizards.
then bishops, arch mages.
mostly aran. all skills when maxed hit 12 or 10 monsters each. in pypq and cpq1 arans own.
if u cpq against a lv45+ aran and he/she knows what they are doing. you lost.
i could solo 1k max rombots (:
Jun 07 2010
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