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Whats todays training guide look like?

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OriganiiX Level 200 Windia Blade Master
Hey basilers,

After returning to play the new Black Heaven update, I made a new character to enjoy the new things maple has to offer.

Currently a level 45 BaM, where should I grind to level up?

thqnks guise
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khanleoun Level 225 Scania Night Lord Harbor Guild
001-010 Story
010-020 Flame Golems
020-030 Curse Eyes
030-050 Gold Beach
050-070 Drakes / Perion Excavation
070-140 Romeo & Juliet PQ
100-140 Monster Park Extreme / Evolution Chamber
140-160 Dimensional Invasion / Mysterious Path 3
160-250 Second Drill Hall

Following the Tot's guide early is also very helpful for new/returning players. He gives a lot of useful stuff along with free levels.
Mar 12 2015

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