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Whats up with Nisekoi

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tsubasa128 Level 177 Scania Wild Hunter 4
Don't you guys think it's getting really repetitive? Honestly the story isn't even good anymore and the only reason I'm reading it because it's pretty. What about you guys?
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Novagnome24 Level 93 Broa Demon Slayer 3
"Honestly the story isn't even good anymore and the only reason I'm reading it because it's pretty"
Correction, the story was never good.[/quote]

I'm sad because I think that if they threw out the whole locket thing and just stuck to the "forced relationship" aspect, while only having two girls, then it would have had more potential.
Sep 01 2014
djmaxaaron Level 200 Khaini Blade Master
New best girl has appeared.
Sep 01 2014
andy11247 Level 206 Windia Buccaneer
Raku harem +1
Sep 01 2014
Loqui Level 124 Bera Kanna 4
it's one of the best selling manga right now, the author is going to make nisekoi continue for like 500+ chapters.

I'm still reading it because I find it fun, it's not something I read for the story, I just think of it as a slice of life[/quote]

Exactly how I feel.
You shouldn't expect story from Nisekoi. In fact, I hope the story doesn't progress because progressing means the manga is basically over and currently 4 out of every 5 people will be disappointed because he will only end up with 1 gurl.
I read Nisekoi for the mini filler stupid chapters, and love how they're are short and funny and dumb.
Sep 07 2014
nindow Level 179 Scania Dark Knight
i started reading it because i found the plot interesting and that it was from shonen jump. i found it enjoyable in the beginning but i dont like the fact that the plot is not moving forward at all. so i stopped reading it. i'll probably read it again when i have nothing to do.
Sep 09 2014
Fatality8 Level 164 Windia Bishop
Chapters 1-50 are the only ones I consider to be part of the true story - at least until the plot continues.
Sep 10 2014
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