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Whats your best dojo time?

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UAPaladin Level 210 Windia Night Walker 4
I'm curious what a fully funded NL could do in dojo. My best time is 5:38 with a 1.2m clean range, 97% crit, 222% boss (without dojo gloves), and no dSI
Posted: September 2014 Permalink


cRogue Level 212 Windia Night Lord
7:53 with 800k+ range and 102% Boss, but usually my time entirely depends on lagg/spawns/ seduce bosses. I've had even slower times with higher range.
Sep 05 2014
nitsua2789 Level 250 Broa Evan 10th Growth Emcy Guild See what games, anime & art nitsua2789 is intonitsua2789
My best is 5:14, I just reached a point where I can consistently cap on every boss but my murgoth's soul only does around 30m still. With a lot of funding soul weapons can really shave off time since their damage isn't capped and they have a much larger range than QT. I know I've seen a few people with murgoths that do upwards of 100mil damage, which can 1hko the first 15 or 20 floors of dojo, meaning you can run them like a phantom would (waiting on the portal and entering as soon as the boss spawns/dies).
Sep 05 2014
Dorks Level 215 Bera Night Lord AUniversityO Guild See what games, anime & art Dorks is intoDorks
like 14min

wasn't fully funded but i had never done dojo and i had just reached 600k range. quit right after because i realized i still needed to complete and cube the gollux set and make a whole new RA set qq
and oh my god cannot get myself started on upotting + cubing the dumb emblem
Sep 05 2014

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