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Whats your favorite 1h sword?

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I saw a thread like this for PA's and 2h swords so I wanted to make one for 1h swords..

I have a lot of favorites but just to name a few are the luminous sword (just the looks), astral blade, vl sabre, and the empress cutlass, which is probably any 1h sword user's favorite
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IcyShockMan Level 170 Bera Kaiser 4
Oct 11 2012
Balmung Level 128 Elnido Blade Master
Sticky bunny cake I gm scrolled mine it is way cuter than others.
Oct 11 2012
HeroWithRice Level 169 Bera F/P Arch Mage
Dragon canabella c:
Oct 11 2012
bobby123456789 Level 152 Bera Phantom 4
The level 0 ''Sword'' Who agree's with me?
Oct 11 2012
Red Katana

Before big bang I bought one with 97 attack for 3m and held onto it for about a year and a half. I used it proudly at level 70. I still have it to this day actually.
Oct 11 2012
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