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Whats your major?

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demonfox92 Level 13 Scania
What field are you currently studying in and why?
I'm having trouble finding an interest so I might get attracted to something you guys post.
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Chema Level 69 Windia Priest See what games, anime & art Chema is intoChema
I am in the transition between regular and senior developer
Oct 28 2013
RitoPls Level 145 Bellocan Angelic Buster 4
I [i]was[/i] a double major in Math and Econ. When I go back to school next fall, I'll probably do math and secondary education.
Oct 28 2013
SageHermitz Level 121 Renegades F/P Arch Mage
International business
Oct 28 2013
Gyroscope Level 66 Scania Battle Mage 2
I like business in general, but if I had to pick one specific field in business it would be Accounting.

If you're undecided on a major then just go into business (like Accounting) because you can always mix in your interests in any business career.
Oct 28 2013
LowWillpower Level 47 Yellonde F/P Wizard
I'll have my bachelors in mechanical engineering in about 6 months when I graduate. Not sure what i want to do with for a career though.
Oct 28 2013
Proverbs Level 42 Khaini Battle Mage 2
Oh boy. I hope you you're in young age right now because if you don't know what you want to major by grade 12 then you're pretty much boned for life.

It's very easy to determine what major to go into. Like just ask yourself what passions to have in life. Do you a passion to save lives? Go into medicine. Do you have a passion to create innovative video games? Go into computer science. Then list goes on...

Everyone has passion in life. Just sit down and think about it.
Oct 28 2013
AveryMBII Level 111 Bera Aran 4
@Proverbs I slightly disagree. You don't have to have all your crap together by grade 12 because everyone is different. You've got about 70+ more years of life disregarding outside forces and diseases so you have time to figure out what you wanna do. I'm not saying to wait till you're 35 to get it together, but figuring out yourself for a while isn't gonna ruin your life.
Oct 29 2013
Xirsya Level 151 Scania Kanna 4
I'm thinking of taking Geography
Oct 29 2013
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