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When does the spring gift box event end?

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I can't seem to find it in the event tab, I may be just blind, but anybody know when they stop dropping?
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EnzoNick Level 134 Windia Bishop
April 2 - May 13

Use Spring Bunny Coins that you get from various Spring Events to buy items from the Spring Bunny Salesman in the Event Hall.
Some items have purchase limits per character.
Purchase limits reset on April 23.
All items from the shop are untradeable or moveable within the account.
Apr 27 2014
Ah I meant the spring gift boxes that give spring coins, not the shop. Anybody know about that?

Nvm I think first post is about right since all the other spring events that give coins are gone on the 29th. Can anybody verify though?
Apr 27 2014

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