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When you workout at the gym

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screwriod Level 183 Windia Xenon 4
after your done with your set on the workout machine in the cardio room.. depending on which gym you go to

do you tend to look at the person's shoes, shorts, and shirt?

meh, i dont, but most people look at my slip-on slippers the one i wear heres the slippers i wear:
NOTE: i have the black ones

even adults sometimes looks at me what i wear.. like i wear b-ball shorts, and free runs
majority of adults at my gym area YMCA, wears different brands instead of NIKE, some wear nike shorts, shirt and shoes, while the other is under armour, etc

how about you guys?
do you look at the person when your resting for your next set on the workout machine?
Posted: February 2013 Permalink


I go to the gym that's for our apartment complex, and there's usually only like 2 other people there at most.
Feb 27 2013
Depends on if they needed a boost, or help with their set. If they were maxing out, that's different. If you can barely get a plate and you normally bench like 185... You been slacking, and I won't give you sympathy.
Feb 27 2013
Not unless those persons are in front of me or trying to make themselves noticeable... but in the end I don t put enough attention to check what brand is what they are wearing. I try to look at what I m doing or did while resting, unless what I wrote above.
Feb 27 2013
I usually just observe the workouts that other people do.

Every time i go to the gym there's always the same group of people there so were all pretty much familiar with each other.
Feb 27 2013

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