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Where Is Back Alley?

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Ecarina Level 245 Galicia Cannoneer 4
in the place labeled "Weapons for Self Defense" or something along those lines, to the right of the jazz bar (not the one on top)
Aug 16 2012
Where **Bad** kids go to have funtime.
Aug 16 2012
thank you ecarina... why the heck is it labeled wrong...
Aug 16 2012
thank you ecarina... why the heck is it labeled wrong...[/quote]

Wouldn't be a very effective hideout if the night lord knows they're just right outside his bar...
Aug 16 2012
**Half past a monkey's ass, quarter til his balls.**
Aug 16 2012
butterfly24 Level 176 Broa Angelic Buster 4
Where before has been the weapon/armor shop,it took me some time to understand that also,I used navigation to find out
Aug 16 2012
If you mean the entrance to the hidden garden...
You don't talk to Ryden any more like in earlier builds. Now you go through the doorway with the sign "Weapons for Self Defense". I'm not sure why they turned the entrance to the weapon store into the DB entrance but oh well.

It confused me too, I was talking to Ryden for 6 minutes wondering how to get back in for my job advancement.
Aug 16 2012

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