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Where are all the quotnew playersquot at?

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iloveforher Level 216 Scania Shadower
Just curious! Haven't really seen any around hene ch1! Anyone know where they reside or where they all might be?
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ultimaxenon21 Level 56 Bellocan Aran 4
Well ultimaxexon20 appears to be new to fm prices, wanting to trade a 1h prime for an accessory one. @ultimaxexon20:
Mar 20 2017
enlock Level 145 Reboot Evan 10th Growth
@iloveforher Im brand new to scania! i just started there yesterday, i left reboot because i got bored and i first played scania when i started like 8 years ago
Mar 20 2017
readers Level 201 Reboot Kinesis 4 Readers @
They're mostly spread out depending on level given the pace of today's game as well as the large increase in game content (including jobs that start you off in different places further away from Henesys). Some beginning popular training spots they may congregate in include Gold Beach or that Ellinel Fairy Academy questline or etc., though because there are multiple maps in these areas and due to the rapid pace of training, I wouldn't say that they're all massed up in one specific spot.
Mar 20 2017
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