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Where are u going with ur life?

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tiesandbowties Level 50 Broa Assassin
hey guys where are you going with your life?
I think I'm going to continue with the plan to graduate college by 2017/2018 and start working and settling down.

But on the other hand that's such a painfully average avenue to take and I want to do other stuff. Ya feel?
So I'm thinking about going to Germany for a year on a working visa to work for a company there before I graduate college. I think it'll be a good experience and I already have money saved up for situations like these

I'm by most standards young but I feel a real time constraint on the stuff I have to do. Find a stable, well-paying job after college, get married, find a place to live - all before the age of 30? I wanna do other stuff too. Life really is short when you look at from a prudent perspective.
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4evavoodoo Level 149 Bera Bishop
much great such proud am a beast doing everything i wished for
Aug 21 2015
igetaroundxd Level 221 Windia Blade Master Waltz Guild
I'm in the military, so I get to travel the world for business. But for leisure I get the opportunity to go on trips to Germany, Italy, UK, Turkey, etc. on heavily discounted flights. I see that you didn't mention having kids, and that is great. You are already a step ahead of everyone in having a fulfilling life of freedom and joy.
Aug 21 2015
phong128992 Level 200 Kradia I/L Arch Mage
Graduate college in April 2016, apply to PA school, hopefully get accepted, start in Jan 2017, finish in 2019. Hopefully by 2020 I'll be as successful as what I'm hoping/dream of now lol.
Aug 21 2015
abyssmind Level 200 Scania
Probably get into my major and earn money to support myself and my parents until they die. After they die, I will commit suicide or if i accumulated enough samvega and meditative studies i will become a monk.
Aug 21 2015
predetermined Level 150 Scania Hayato 4
I hope to be able to become an artist! It's only a dream but I hope to make it reality tbh ;v ;
Aug 21 2015
20xx Level 15 Scania
i hope 2 meet cute girls on dis forum orz
Aug 21 2015
fun2killu Level 90 Windia Mechanic 3
still tryin to hit the grave before I'm 25
skeleton war, here I come[/quote]

live fast, die young that's my choice
Aug 21 2015
ritopls Level 145 Bellocan Angelic Buster 4
Graduate May 2017 and marry Lucy Liu or some other rich MILF and chill.
Aug 21 2015
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