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Where can I find Mystic Shield

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piana Level 49 Scania Cleric Piana @
I need it for anvil.
I think smithing provides Esther shield only if I'm not mistaken.
Do Chronos still drop them?
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globalkorean Level 183 Broa Blade Master GlobalKorean @
create a new mage > level it up > use tots tutorial reward boxes > free mystic/esther shields
Feb 14 2017
piana Level 49 Scania Cleric Piana @
@globalkorean: Other version of MapleStory, SEA specifically.
I have to do that since there's a local version of MapleStory here and so I'm blocked from GLOBAL.
Feb 14 2017
piana Level 49 Scania Cleric Piana @
@beefly: Used to have, not anymore.
It's pretty much Jms exclusive now I think.
I remember getting judgement gun from there, good times.
Feb 14 2017
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