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Where can I learn about the positive future with Trump?

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I keep Googling to find left wing stuff that seems to make Trump look bad. I wonder what will happen like how Nixon made weed illegal.
A basiler told me Obama mainly caused gov whistle blowers to get longer sentences.

I could see myself as a rich republican to prevent poor/homeless/deranged/evil people from populating my safe, friendly, close republican neighborhood. Less taxes would be taken from me so I can do personal projects, control hard workers with my philanthropy money, spread my pure beliefs to reduce other woman's reproductive rights.
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chakhae Level 170 Reboot Kinesis 4
+4 i think most of the responses you'll find on here are from uninformed kids (including you) who blindly follow what the media tells them and don't know the difference between a tax and an audit and still think that trump is a sexist, racist bigot so you're not going to get what you want here

however i have followed trump's agenda for a while now and these are some of the things he proposes:

1. he's against the tpp which threatens to destroy jobs and give more power to global corporations, while your friend clinton called it the gold standard

2. impose term limits on congress which hasn't happened, where 75% of americans support creating term limits on congress

3. repeal common core

4. end healthcare monopolies by implementing a competitive bidding policy

5. fight isis with russia

there are a lot more that i can't think of off the top of my head but in the first week of him being declared the winner russia and the philippines called for an alliance and the dow had the biggest increase in history so there are benefits to trump contrary to what the media is trying to shove down your throat

however i will admit he did go backwards on some of his policies by selecting a goldman sachs executive for a cabinet position which pretty much goes against everything he stood for about antiestablishment but we'll have to see where it goes from here since he isn't actually in office yet (obama is a lame duck as of now) so, like any president in existence, he has major flaws

before any of you angrily respond to me saying dumb stuff like 'but what about the recording!' or 'he hates black people!' please do some moderate research because i'm tired of explaining to people who get their news from facebook and snapchat the unbiased truth

i'm more than happy to discuss trump and his future presidency otherwise
Dec 04 2016
increveisuma Level 120 Bera Demon Avenger 1
First of all the homeless people are the rich people since you can be smart enough to not share a camp. You can be a sobre homeless person who gets 900 dollars a month from social security. You can do this by buying pointy-toed shoes and climbing a fence into a elementary school at night and sleep with a blanket you put in your duffel bag on the roof or behind a block that will prevent you from being seen. Don't sleep but get the best rest by peeping your eyes a bit open but you'll still rest in case you need to use a taser that is police-strength on the nobody that will see you because no one would technically ever see you because you are a young person who would just run off before they see your face if you see a moving figure. the rest of your items you can pay 99 dollars for a storage place to make sure you can a good variety of fashionable clothes/books/your private art you made, etc. Or you can even get rid of the cost of 99 dollars a month for storage if you would just make sure that if you painted on a canvas you would cut the canvas up and put paint thinner on the oil paint you used that would have been dried in another 5-12 years and tint paper that with seek the paint in and absorb the paint after you draw a easily refined black/white graphite melding darkness shade with a clutch pencil so that you can avoid overeating without effort moreso than a starving artist who might have irrational overeating disorder for reasons to do with art problems of mental health called the envy of the art brute. Next, you can instead of buying throw-up pills, throw up by when you hear maternal voices of the old you are preying on or the anorexic or the feminists type you are preying on my using the cussing you never heard before adulthood, meaning you Africanized and are preying upon the 12 year old retard as a new adult retard since you don't want to be accused of being a bigot yourself but wanted to keep the 900 dollars a month you get from being retarded as the new bigot you are now by throwing up your food when the maternal poetry tries to speak since it does seem to work that way and each time, clean your teeth with 90 percent dark chocolate to heal your teeth and they will be strong and not fall out. Also you can take out your anger by hitting with a metal bat, a metal pole at a park and have your taser next to you to paralyze anyone who doesn't just come up to you to talk as a friendly casual person. Lastly, each time you hit the metal pole that you will hit to hit the brain stem of the person who believes that bigots exist, or to oppress the 12 year old retard, no cop will ever care enough to arrest you because you are not truly hurting a human or animal and you are likely a woman rather than a man being tricked to get themselves arrested. In fact the deranged person you speak of might be even just me, who wrote humanitarian work in the university or rather college for years before I graduated from college and traded by intelligence to be a rich retard homeless because you took away by ability to not but be mentally disabled and unable to have humanitarian thoughts that I had before. P.S. when you use a two-handed downward hit or a backhand hit with your metal bat on the metal pole or tree, the bat is weighted so your arm muscles will stretch and feel good and like yoga but every few hits you must stop because you will have the logically irrational desire to lay flat like a dead person on the ground or dance and jiggle around like a deranged person, but it is temporary and you will regain immediately the strength to continue wacking the wood/metal or you will gather peace from the ritual and stop and feel calm and enjoy sugarless green tea. And when you feel guilty that you're gonna get arrested for investing your money, just be like, "But whenever I hid my money in the ground in a dirt field, I gained the spiritual happiness of a rich person who feels like they won in life because you only wanted the the feeling of happiness to be filling your hours on Earth, and well, since it worked, it worked, and the money you hid in the ground and wrote where you placed them in your private journal you hide, it will be fine that the money will be taken away from you because it's like you bought yourself free happiness points in individual peace so that it won't be a sore loss afterall." I mean people are so crazy these days that why would I have mercy on them when it's like, you know you waste a poopy-ton of either water or paint thinner to clean your art brushes when the grey on them makes all but the first stoke a clean stroke that is not kind of brown or grey, so you would not be anti-minalist to think this since, why didn't the person just buy a thousand little lip pencils and use one stroke per pencil after they gathered all 1,000 lip liner brushes with the finest tip to not be a "abstract artist", meaning a bigger brush gives more "accidental art" in the "intention"...
Dec 04 2016
chakhae Level 170 Reboot Kinesis 4
+2 @stoker: yeah i've been here since the glory days of basilmarket when mrbasil and eeveepony and the other mods still used to frequent threads and there was a lot of fun and interesting discussion in chat but it seems like it's absolutely dead and filled with attention-seeking twelve year olds it's kind of sad to see the state of this site atm
Dec 04 2016
wellness Level 199 Mardia Phantom 4 Justaway Guild
I am not well-versed in economics or politics, but from what I see, people from both "sides" are at least half-right. For instance, Trump is racist because he is targeting specific groups of people, but it's also a type of discrimination that could bring mental stability to people since people are inherently discriminatory. Unfortunately, it is in a time where racial tensions are high, so there is a lot of hatred and distrust surfacing because of Trump. And instead being proactive in making a living, people would blame immigrants and corporations.

Also, I believe outsourcing work to other countries and making our products more available would be beneficial to us, namely in the long run. With a global work force, that allows businesses here to grow, and with increased product availability due to lower tariffs, it would increase our global presence. We just need more creators and businesses. It's just that we're not in a state in which everyone is seeking to become businessmen and creators, which causes the established corporations to increase their power. I think the satisfaction and comfort people have from working menial jobs would be a hindrance to the trade deals. Of course, there is nothing wrong with focusing on comfort. If families are in comfortable position, the people are more comfortable and may naturally start businesses. However, if Trump gets rid of federal assistance, that may just push people further into poverty and homelessness instead of into comfort.

I think all around people understand what is happening. I just think because of their principles and emotions, they have to reject certain things.

@chakhae: Trolling goes both ways. There are attention-seekers, but there are also people who give those people attention in the most inciting ways, which causes it to just be worse and more emotional, which just causes people to be "ranty" instead of having healthy debates. It's interesting.
Dec 04 2016
wellness Level 199 Mardia Phantom 4 Justaway Guild
@beefly: It sounds like the situation is one where you have members who are intelligent people who are trying to be smart about everything and that makes it look normal, but no one actually understands where they're coming from. Then you have these other people come in who have more social attractiveness by being extreme or blunt, basically voicing their opinion a lot more in ways that would appeal to the emotions -- similar to the shock factor. I've seen this multiple times outside of the election. You have to be careful who is allowed to influence your organizations, and take steps to prevent it from happening. Of course, I'm just guessing. I have no clue what it's really like in that organization.
Dec 04 2016
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