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Where did you find Overswing 20?

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Where did you get your overswing 20, and how long did it take?

I've been trying pap, scar, and blue dragon turtles, all to no avail
Posted: July 2011 Permalink


Algific Level 215 Broa Aran 4
It drops from Cerebes, Dragon Rider, and Silver slimes. All those monsters are pre-bb.
Jul 05 2011
Yea dont waist your time at Blue Dragon Turtles.

I havent found it yet though its a bizznitch.
Jul 05 2011
ch 1 fm7 was my place. A little later ch 11 fm entrance was where I got overswing 30 from a friend (for 50m)
Jul 05 2011
I found one at cerebes but it took forever. But now you can't find it from cerebes or rather you don't have to since all mastery books(or most of them) have been replaced with mystery mastery book. Just hunt anything that used to drop a book and pray the mystery books turns into os20.
Jul 05 2011

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