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Where to farm Singles army points

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warrior0920 Level 250 Bellocan Paladin Revenance Guild
Ive already done all of evo world runs+ DiPq runs.

Can anyone recommend a good spot to grind for the points?
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xlgunshotlx Level 141 Scania Phantom 4
mysterious path 3
Feb 07 2016
bootycake Level 222 Bera Buccaneer
I did black heaven deck 1. Lots of mobs, you get elites, etc. It took me 5 hrs to farm 100k points and I also got three elite bosses from it. Worth it. Plus, the map lags me less than warrior grounds and mp3 when my pets collect everything.
Feb 07 2016
xeiam Level 200 Yellonde Bishop
I farmed 50k points inside Ghostship with Kishin.
Feb 08 2016
terrorface Level 234 Reboot Night Lord
@serenadebass: Born Single and Heartbreaker medals, Single Serve chair, and finally a choice between two damage skins. I don't remember the point values for them.
Feb 08 2016
oirascal Level 160 Demethos Thunder Breaker 4
wait the chair and the medals aren't perm, right? so, the only thing that is worth it is prob the damage skins right? what's the point of doing this then o-o
Feb 08 2016
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