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Which Archer Should I choose?

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mookiki Level 77 Scania Night Walker 2
Hey guys, I have come back from a long hiatus of not playing (probably around the time demon slayers came back). I will be starting reboot and will clearly be unfunded. I've always played mage classes before, but they're not the best of bossers. I was thinking about trying out an archer class because I don't really like melee classes. Which one would you recommend for someone just starting out Reboot? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !
Posted: July 2016 Permalink


comicwiz Level 197 Windia Mercedes 4
if you like seeing big lines, go with marksman. if you like mobbing go wild hunter. if you like att speed and dps, basically any other archer. i prefer merc but its really just play what you like
Jul 22 2016
jahvaa Level 194 Windia Zero Transcendent
I've mained a WH and their bossing and mobbing is really good for an archer imo
Jul 25 2016

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