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Which Class Do You Hate the Most?

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Pikachoox33 Level 138 Windia Luminous 4
I most likely hate Cannoneers most. (no offense to the cannoneers out there )I'm not saying they're a bad job, I just don't find them fun for some reason. I tried making one when they first came out but it just...Wasn't my thing. I just didn't see the point of it, it was kind of like a Gunslinger with a cannon...

So, what's your most hated class?
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CloudKnight Level 114 Bera Xenon 4
Cannoneer and Mihile.
Aug 21 2012
DexlessYeos Level 201 Windia Shadower
Hate is a harsh word, why not say dislike?

I dislike Bishops, by that I mean playing them, just seems so boring when you can't attack as much as you want to.
Aug 21 2012
Pikachoox33 Level 138 Windia Luminous 4
Hate is a harsh word, why not say dislike?[/quote]

Sorry, it wasn't really meant to be in a harsh way. :c
Aug 21 2012
Herokid41 Level 100 Broa Blade Lord
All classes except for Explorers, Knights of Cygnus, DBs, Arans, Evans and Jetts.
Aug 21 2012
I have a inner burning dislike for jetts, but I don't know why. I think its because I hate the theme "space cowboy."
Aug 21 2012
o whew. i thought this was a thread about bad experiences with people in other classes...

I hate the jett class. i could eat a box of crayola and crap out something more creative.
Aug 21 2012
I dislike Demon slayers

I've only met a few cool ones in all my time in maple and KSers and noobs flock to them
Not to mention they were super OP, got nerfed then still hit awesome and their complaining non stop about it
Aug 21 2012
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