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Which Class Do You Hate the Most?

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Pikachoox33 Level 138 Windia Luminous 4
I most likely hate Cannoneers most. (no offense to the cannoneers out there )I'm not saying they're a bad job, I just don't find them fun for some reason. I tried making one when they first came out but it just...Wasn't my thing. I just didn't see the point of it, it was kind of like a Gunslinger with a cannon...

So, what's your most hated class?
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sleepyheadXIII Level 200 Windia Corsair
Jett, because instead of having a cool bounty hunter job, it's a copy of pirate's revamp and probably the reason why got delayed.
Mihile, because honestly there was just no point and just randomly out there. Heck even the story didn't make sense, it's the story of him becoming the cygnus knight chief, but yet training to be the chief in present time? Just was really stupid to me.
And nova for visual appearances really. Kaiser's transformation looks awkward to me and to much pink with angelic burster.
Aug 21 2012
BennyAu Level 52 Elnido Page
Jetts and Phantoms, Jetts because there just copy+paste and Phantoms. I don't mind Phantoms but I can't stand playing one, got one to 70 than got sick of it.
Aug 21 2012
I dislike the class Demon Slayers.
Everytime i try to train at Alien Base Corridor,
Some Demon Slayer comes in,thinking their all badazz,And KSing my Pixel'd body character into another channel.
Aug 21 2012
They claim I'm unoriginal yet they steal skills themselves lolol.
Seriously though I think the class is pretty boring... idk why. [/quote]
you can't say anything stolen corsair revamp but sairs have more damage potential after 4th job
Aug 21 2012
Scyth14 Level 136 Scania Xenon 4
They claim I'm unoriginal yet they steal skills themselves lolol.
Seriously though I think the class is pretty boring... idk why. [/quote]

But you are unoriginal
Aug 21 2012
Ouhai Level 200 Broa F/P Arch Mage
Thieves in general, for being notorious since pre-bbb (especially sins). DBs and Phantoms made it even worse.

Also the enitre Nova concept is INCREDIBLY pointless and unrelated.

I mean really: the last hero Luminious was finally introduced, the 5 heroes are mobilizing together, the 7 commanders of the Black Mage were revealed, and even the Back Mage finally has an ingame sprite. But all of a sudden.......LOLWEAREDRAGONPEOPLE
Aug 21 2012
Jigglypoof Level 185 Bera F/P Arch Mage
Which play-style I hate the most? Paladins are superrrr boring. Spamming blast is just ugh. And I can't stand Shadowers. Once they hit 4th job they're such a bore. Boomerstand Step is ugly and annoying and they just play so weird

Which job I hate the most? Phantoms and Dual-Blades. Phantoms are just ugly and they all look exactly the same, and DBs get revamped every few months and begin ksing the crap out of everyone. Dx
Aug 21 2012
Demon slayers(no offense to the others out there) they probably think they're better than all other warriors just because they can fly
Aug 21 2012
Thorontur Level 32 Bera Angelic Buster 2
Jetts because theyre just so boring.

Wild Hunters because its boring for me from 100 and beyond.

Night Lords because they were just never really that fun and im not funded to make a decent one post and pre revamp.

My Shadower started to get boring at 160 but i played it till 171 to keep me busy until Phantom arrival.

Mechanics because they are so slow.

Marksman and Bowmaster because they dont really change at all.

I couldnt really decide which i disliked the most so i just listed them all.
Aug 21 2012
OrochiNaga Level 207 Windia Evan 10th Growth
Lol i like how they keep saying phantoms can steal skills and they're so original etc etc... Yet they ALL only steal HS, HB, SE and CL, and then they end up being just another "buff mule" sometimes...

OT:If i were to hate a class it would be Hero just because it's the only class designed for 2-H blunt weapons, swords and axes... And mages can only conform with either staff or wand... Besides that I don't hate the rest
Aug 21 2012
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