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Which Ultimate Ninja Storm to start?

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thatshadow Level 177 Windia Paladin
Can you guys recommend which one to start? I've been wanting to play the series but unsure which one to start since there are so many! I'll definitely be getting the latest one and I heard the series go with the manga. I've watched the anime and finished the manga, too. So, help me choose! Thanks in advance!
Posted: September 2015 Permalink


holydragon Level 182 Windia Bishop
Revolution was when they added the counter and class system. It doesn't look storm 4 derives far from that.

That dam for-tune filter made me change the world changes to derives far.
Sep 05 2015
yondaime Level 221 Bera Night Walker 4
honestly you should start with the first one, go on to ultimate ninja storm 3 full burst, then buy the ultimate ninja storm revolution, then storm 4.
i guess you can play ninja storm 2 if you want to for the hidden character Lars.. but the game itself really disappointed me.
>play ninja storm 1 for the clashes experience, they took it out after that game
>play ninja storm 3 fb for the best storyline/gameplay
>play ninja storm revolution for the better fighting gameplay/ultimate jutsus/most characters

edit: havent really researched up on ninja storm 4, but sasuke's (the last) ultimate though
Sep 05 2015

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