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Which class is too Op?

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henry8 Level 170 Mardia Shade 4
Which class is too OP and needs to be nerfed.
It can be either the job needs a damage nerf, speed nerf or whatever.
I think DemonSlayers should have cool down on demon cry cas i think its annoying how they can just ks people by just spamming demon cry.

So what are your thoughts?
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DS? Not a chance. they are already nerfed hard enough. I can tell you what classes need a buff tho.

Nuff said
Apr 12 2013
Luminous are pretty awesome.. i think of them as a more aggressive bishop..
we can heal ourselves and potions are a joke..
we just need an Mp familiar and we're all good.
Apr 12 2013
daeyun Level 203 Bera Shadower
Dual Blade needs nerf (like increased CD time for FC or w.e.) or slight nerf for some skills. Shad's need buff on MC though.
Apr 12 2013
KaySarkSwisz Level 182 Elnido Blade Master
Demon Slayer's aren't the only KS'ers lol I've been KS'd by a Shadower.

OT: I don't really think any classes are OP in my opinion. In fact ANY class can be OP, I've seen Phantom's hit max, but Phantom's are weak right now. In other words it's not the class its the person playing it & most importantly the funding.
Apr 12 2013
KaySarkSwisz Level 182 Elnido Blade Master
@Flexography what I meant by that is that it's not just the skill, the dude knew how to KS with his skills lol.
Apr 12 2013
Masterobert Level 200 Broa Phantom 4 Nimbus Guild
Eric class. His jumping abilities are too epic, they need to be nerfed.
Apr 12 2013
Icycles Level 200 Broa F/P Arch Mage
Bloody DrKs so OP. Dark Impale sooo many hits, so much % damage. Hyper Body - increase hp, so godly.
Apr 12 2013
DrKs... Thy KS me wherever I go. D:<
Apr 12 2013
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