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Which girl do you think is the most attractive?

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angelkinda Level 200 Mardia Mihile 4 See what games, anime & art angelkinda is intoAngelKinda
@crispychream: this isn't a race thread. Just wandering how others would find the most attractive and the least attractive. White girl is most attractive imo
Dec 30 2015
mdisback Level 210 Bera Evan 10th Growth
Dec 30 2015
juiceboxes Level 208 Broa Aran 4
latina asian 1 asian 2 scary white girl
Dec 30 2015
shottahell Level 101 Reboot Paladin
first the latina is heavily photoshopped. the second asian chick is a model. the first asian chick is obviously some sort of cam girl/model. very unfair towards white girl's imo. so i'll pick white girl every time. her hair looks like she just got done swimming or showering and she has no makup with bad lighting and bad camera. im sure if she got all dolled up she would look way better.
Dec 30 2015
wontpostmuch Level 71 Bera Wild Hunter 3
@helpingly: Probably just got done putting on her clothes after having drunk sex with someone (srs)

For me it's a toss-up, honestly. I find the Latina the hottest one by far but 2nd Asian girl dresses nicely. Love her style and she seems like those cute though fairly plain and slightly above average girls that I find really attractive for whatever reason

And then for the other two girls it would honestly come down to their personalities. White homegirl could be one of those incredibly annoying trashy drunk girls or a chill girl that goes hard and is great to party with/get as a fwb. Asian girl is not super hot but she has a nice face. Can't determine just how attractive I find her though.
Dec 30 2015
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