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Which guild always gets first in flag race in your server

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friedpoop222 Level 135 Broa Mihile 4
So yea which guild in your server pretty much always gets first in flag race?

Scania- Avid
Bera- BlackBean
Windia- Corona / SquishyNoobs
MYBCKN- Revenance
Posted: June 2015 Permalink


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gGreg Level 142 Scania Beginner
flagrace is relevant?[/quote]
idk i dont bother with it its kinda lame
Jun 26 2015
ChrisJohnson Level 216 Windia Paladin
Jun 26 2015
iElmo Level 250 Bera Night Walker 4 BIackbean Guild
idk i dont bother with it its kinda lame[/quote]

struggle is real
Jun 26 2015
Twilicious Level 213 Reboot Kanna 4
What's flag race? I thought pvp was removed?
Jun 26 2015
FalseMirror Level 133 Demethos Bow Master
we always win
EDIT: omg he actually put lust but Lust was only made yesterday
Jun 26 2015
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