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Which is better?

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I bought a 144Atk, 7+STR, 8+DEX VIP gun
It's potential is 3 line Unique the stats are 30% Boss, 15% PDR, 6% MP.
It has a [C] Neb which is 15% PDR.
It has been scrolled 9 times (2x hammered) and has 2 enhancements.

I want to trade it for a Perfect scrolled Empress gun.
I plan on getting full empress and currently have 3 pieces.
I want to know which is better and if anyone would do the trade.
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well what was the 1st item? a knuckle gun spear or what and what level is it
Oct 07 2012
I personally would keep the VIP gun over getting just a perfectly scrolled empress.. provided that the potentials suck on the gun. The chance of getting decent boss % potentials on the empress are slim unless you're extremely lucky or want to spend at least $150. It took me 332 cubes to get my empress 80% boss and 9% total dmg.
Oct 08 2012
Beesafree Level 200 Mardia Corsair
full emp is for the nubs, get top and bottom (homecoming)

also what do you consider "perfectly scrolled" 20% or 50%?
giving the stats on the projected sharktooth would provide more responses
Oct 08 2012
rangingnoob1 Level 71 Bera Beginner
i think he means 50%

FUNNILY NOUGH, My 147 attack VIP gun, 30% boss, 6% something, 4% something, 15% PDR neb. It was EE'd 4 times though. I sold it, and now am in the process of scrolling a perfect (50%) emp gun, holy sheet, dont try this. its terrible. I blew freaking 1.8b on scrolls and 1.2b worth failed, lmfao.[/quote]

I second this, don't EVER try to scroll/cube your own gun... I spend 1.7b and only 4/15 worked...
Oct 08 2012
I want to get a Empress gun because if I get hacked the hacker will actually have to pay NX to transfer it and there is a pretty nice set effect
All I want to know is Which would have better stats (atk)
BTW the only bosses I do are HT (but I just let my brother solo because I'm lazy), Scarlion/Targa (I usually do it on my Mercedes) and CWKPQ I do it on all characters and I don't really attack because I go with high levels.
Call me a noob but I really have no idea what PDR means. Also I have the Leafre set which adds +1 all skills and 15%PDR.
Oct 08 2012
Beesafree Level 200 Mardia Corsair
**Ramblings of an insane Corsair**

pdr relates to the monsters defense

each monster has a %pdr that reduces your damage by that amount
normal mobs are about 20%, meaning only 80% of your damage is actually seen by monsters
bosses, however, have a way higher %pdr,
zak and normal ht has 40%
czak and cht have 50%
PB and empress have 75%

ya.... pretty intense

the pot is something like ignore % of monsters def, since that is hard to say people just call it pdr
now this effects all monsters, but only a percentage of there percent

this is the formula to convert Pot PDR into Atk % increase:
((1-(mobPDR - (mobPDR * potPDR))/ (1-mobPDR)) - 1 = atk%

so for example, 20% on normal mobs with 30% pdr potential is:
((1-(.2 (.2*.3)) / (1-.2)) - 1 = Atk%
((1-(.2 - (.06) / (.8)) - 1 = Atk%
((1-.14) / (.8)) - 1 = Atk%
((.86) / (.8)) - 1 = Atk%
(1.075) - 1 = Atk%
.075 = Atk%

a 7.5% increase in attack

bosses look like this (with 30% ignore):

Zak/HT = 20% increase in atk (when compared to attacking the SAME monster with the same weapon without any potPDR, applies to all the following)
CZak/CHT = 30% increase in atk (this is the point, 50% mobPDR, where boss% is equal to PDR %)
PB/Emp = 90% increase in atk

with 100% pdr it looks like this:

Normal mobs = 25% increase in attack
Zak/HT = 66% increase in atk
CZak/CHT = 100% increase in atk
PB/Emp = 300% increase in atk (yeah, three hundred percent, mutliply your damage by 4)

this is only when facing the same monster without the pot
if you hit 300k on crockies with a move
DO NOT expect 1200k with the same move on empress (with 100% potPDR it should still be the same damage, 300k)
without the pot PDR your damage would look closer to:
240k on crockies and
75k on empress

also, when you get to 100% pdr, you no longer benefit from pdr
at that point switch tactics to boss% (or something else)

some classes come with pdr, and the pirate character card set will give you some

another note!
while fighting regular zak or HT boss% is better, but pdr applies to all monsters, including normal mobs
Oct 08 2012
rangingnoob1 Level 71 Bera Beginner
@iShottedSnow: plus I am in bera... full of hackers. (50%s are 130m, I got them cheap )
Oct 11 2012

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