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Which is your favorite Legend Of Zelda song?

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As the title states, which is your favorite?
I got asked this question today, and I wonder what other Basiler's responses would be.
I couldn't narrow it down, because honestly I love all of their music.
But what about you?
Which is your favorite? - Tetra's wink - Saria's song.;feature=related - Majora's wrath. - Puppet Ganon, snake mode. - Snowhead temple. So eerie. - Bolero of fire.;feature=related - Maker's Prayer. - Wind Waker's title screen. - Midna's Lament. - Malo Mart's Theme. - Song of Storms. - Song of Healing.

I can't stop the minute I started adding..
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killerboi723 Level 182 Scania Cannoneer 4
Hyrule Field Theme
Jan 19 2012
Hyrule Field Theme [/quote]

A classic of course in every scale.
I actually use it with ihome when I'm heading to bed.
Jan 19 2012
Diezal Level 126 Khaini Cannoneer 4
Bolero of fire, or sariah's song
Jan 19 2012
SpriterAlex Level 130 Khaini Hero
The one that goes, "du du du" and sounds nice.
[i]I only played a few hours of Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time please don't hurt me.[/i]
Jan 19 2012
I go with all of the Ocarina songs
Jan 19 2012
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