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Which macros do you use? and fun names for them?

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BatmanBeyond Level 100 Windia Thunder Breaker 4
I mostly use macros for my buffs because Xenon has like 10 different buffs -_- #aint nobody got time to press 10 buttons for training @ HoH or golems nomsaying? and i choose the sword looking emblem and spell book looking emblem at the top of the macro list for my macros mostly hbu? Also trying to think of some funny macro names for it but can't think of any. Suggestions?
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weredoggy Level 200 Scania Mihile 4
For Lania
I love
These are for my Luminous

Other characters have "woof" "meow" and "let's dance"
Jan 05 2014
I use random latin phrases. Almost nobody (except me) would understand them.
Mine are:
Excelsis Deo
Metri Causa
Tetanda Via

There are a lot of these.
Jan 05 2014
iDivideZer0 Level 204 Scania Shadower
I use these for my buffs.

1337 / 0 = ?
Jan 05 2014
goatman0079 Level 152 Arcania Night Walker 4
On my aran, i put my polar bear skill on a macro and have it say "POLAR BEAR SLAP"
Jan 05 2014
standknight Level 56 Kradia Assassin
-takes notes-
Jan 05 2014

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